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A team of experienced professionals has a deep knowledge of cycling dynamics in London, and we're dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.

With years of experience in the industry, our team has gained a deep understanding of what our customers need and expect. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide personalized, high-quality service that meets your unique needs

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Provide exceptional and efficient bike services .

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Bronze Service

  • Safety check
  • Frame and fork wiped down
  • Drivetrain lubricated
  • Headset tighten
  • Tyres inflated and checked
  • Parts replacement
  • Tyre/Tube replacement
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Gold Service

  • Full strip down
  • Full rebuild
  • Bike deep clean
  • Part replacement included
  • Handlebar tape replacement
  • Deep clean drivetrain
  • Full bike bearing service
  • Wheel true
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What does the service include? Find out here with more detail

1. Bronze Service

Generally, we recommend to do a Bronze service on your bike when it has been unused for a while but the previous condition was good.

Stored bikes which haven't got the components worn (or rusty) or new bikes which need a professional safety check. Those bikes don't need disassambly in order to get them ready.

  • Assesment for wear on components such chain, chainset or cassette.
  • Brakes and gears adjustment for the rigth tension and alignment.
  • Tyres inspection for damage and pump at right pressure.
  • Frame, fork wiped down
  • Frame, fork and wheels damage inspection.
  • Bolts safety check. Including pedals, crankset handlebar.
  • Wheel true on bike.
  • Headset bolts tighten on the right torque.
  • Drivetrain lubrication with wet or dry lube.
  • Parts are not included on any service.
  • Other labour or replacements such tyres, pedals, grips are not included.

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2. Silver Service

This is the most common bike service. If you ride your bike often, you can expect to have at least two of this services per year. Some components can be worn with the usage and we include the fitting of the most common ones.

We also remove your drivetrain to fully degrease and clean. It will make a big difference on your riding and components durability.

On top of the specified for the bronze service you'll get:

  • Drivetrain completely dismounted and fully degreased on a part washer.
  • Frame, fork and wheels deep cleaned as much as possible.
  • Bottom Bracket tighten.
  • Wheel hub cones tighten.
  • Wheel true on wheel dedicated stand
  • Cable fitting included
  • Cable and outers fitting included
  • Chain, cassette, pads or rotors fitting included
  • Drivetrain lubrication with dry or wet lube
  • Parts are not included.
  • Other labour or replacements such inner tubes, tyres or handlebar tape are not included.

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3. Gold Service

This service is required generally under two main scenarios. When you have concerns about the bike such second hand purchases or when your bearings in the headset, bottom bracket or wheels give you problems (stiff, play, etc).

On top of the Silver Service, we will disassambly, clean and rebuild your bike from scratch.

  • Complete bike disassambly and rebuild.
  • Bottom Bracket completely dismounted and fully cleaned and regreased .
  • Wheel hub bearings dismounted deep cleaned and regreased
  • Headset bearings dismounted deep cleaned and regreased.
  • Cable and outers fitting included
  • Chain, cassette, pads, rotors and handlebar tape / grips fitting included
  • Drivetrain lubrication with dry or wet lube
  • Parts are not included.
  • Other labour or replacements such tubeless setup, brake bleeding, etc, are not included.

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Have a look at the services chart for more details.

*Parts are not included on price. Prices are for labour costs.

Not sure about what service to get? Our expert mechanics will assess your bike in store.

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